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Defence and Aviation

In line with Turkey’s 2023 targets, numerous projects have been successfully completed in order to increase the domestic production rate in the defence industry and challenging project targets have been determined for new long-term studies. In this context, ONATUS; We support national projects with added value by creating the necessary software infrastructure in the fields of material information technologies, computational materials engineering, production and production simulations, multi physic simulations and acoustic and vibration simulations.

In defence industry applications, it is planned to manufacture materials that require high temperature resistance by using different production methods (welding, forging, casting). It is mandatory that the high temperature behaviour of the material be modelled before the required manufacturing operations. In this context, engineering materials related to Thermo-Calc software, phase diagrams, cooling graphs, high temperature behaviour models to be made by minimizing the possible number of tests planned to be made significant savings in project time and cost items. Computational materials engineering studies are carried out for mechanical, thermal and metallurgical changes of engineering materials under thermal loads. Related studies have been transformed into value added solutions in many defence industry projects such as DİLEK and ÖRS.
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Forge NxT ve Thercast NxT

In defence industry projects, complex production methods are used together to reach the final product. With Forge NxT and Thercast software solutions, ONATUS provides the simulations of the challenging manufacturing processes in defence projects in digital environment, observing possible errors and improvements, and establishing the necessary software infrastructure in order to determine the possible effects of new implemented techniques. Domestic production of Inconel 718 material, production of a superalloy running on aircraft engine by hot forming or forging method or modelling of machine & component manufacturing stages with flow forming management could be given as examples. Thus, national production techniques can be developed rapidly by reducing trial and error costs.

VA One

Most of the companies operating in the aviation, marine and space systems of the defence industry use ONATUS’s value-added software solutions within the scope of product development and R&D studies. For example, internal and external air flow reasoned noise cases or passenger cabin acoustic conformity development applications or modelling of the acoustic field of the rocket-satellite systems around the take-off and ignition, and monitoring the effects on structural elements could be counted. ONATUS is developing turn-key solutions using different modelling technique such as, BEM, FEM, SEA which are a part of the only vibration simulatios in the field of 0-40,000 Hz, VA-One. ONATUS, which has competencies in the characterization of acoustic materials that are to be used in the of simulation studies, develops comprehensive acoustic material projects with different test systems such as MECANUM and software solutions as FOAM X – NOVA in characterizing the acoustic properties of porous materials in its laboratories in GOSB Teknopark.

ONATUS solutions are frequently used in helicopter and marine systems applications such as underwater acoustic simulation, modeling of cabin acoustic levels and modeling of the effects of development stages. In this context, ONATUS has made significant contributions to the establishment of the related software infrastructure in defense industry projects such as ATAK and MILGEM.
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In addition to basic welding applications, advanced joining techniques such as FSW (friction welding) and laser welding are used in defense industry applications. In this context, many parameters such as welding distortion, residual stress, thermal temperature distribution, phase transformations occurring during welding, fracture risk zones can be modeled in simulation environment and possible faults and risk zones can be determined by using Sysweld software in ONATUS production simulation technologies range. National battle tank project, ALTAY, ONATUS has perfomred high value-added studies in the formation of welding behaviors of different components of the tank system.
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DigitalClone Modeling

DigitalClone technology is an advanced digital twin solution that uses engineering-based and physics-based models to predict remaining useful life (RUL) of critical systems and components. Using this new cloud-based technology, it is possible to predict how operational loading conditions will eventually cause part failures within rotating mechanical systems (such as transmissions) by analyzing the accumulation of stresses at the microstructure level of the materials.

For Engineering: Reduce risk with computational testing of certified digital models for component qualification & accelerate design optimization schedules.

For Supply Chain: Leverage platform to improve efficiencies between suppliers and operators for long-term demand forecasting, planning and budgeting. Reduce impact of long lead time components, gain efficiencies in labor and reduce safety stock.

Original Equipment Manufacturers: Create internal drivetrain DigitalClone models that generate Component Life Predictions for bearings, gears and drivetrain systems using material science and physics-based analysis based on planned operational profiles and loading conditions.

Military Operators: Objectively compare competing technologies and designs to make data-driven decisions.

Commercial Operators: Provide more accurate forecasts and budget inputs for upcoming services and inventory demand from the OEM/ third party service providers.

Leverage certified DigitalClone models to assess options that extend time between overhaul, leveraging alternate supplier technologies.
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The added values we create for ONATUS as defence national industry projects can be summarized as follows:
  • Alloy design and establishment of digital software infrastructure necessary for the production of special alloys with domestic resources,
  • Establishing the necessary software infrastructure for the safe storage of material data which are obtained as a result of the test studies in the defence industry for millions of dollars,
  • Organization of consultancy and training activities required for the manufacture of parts in accordance with the requirements and standards of international standards, organizing competency seminars regularly every year,
  • Modelling of high temperature behavior of materials used in defence industry in simulation and feasibility studies using computational materials engineering tools,
  • Minimizing trial and error and test costs with established digital platforms, saving project time and budgets
  • Building national memory in the field of production and manufacturing with simulation studies of complex production methods,
  • To contribute to the design processes by modelling the acoustic properties of the buildings in challenging projects such as underwater acoustic signatures on marine platforms,
  • Modelling of environmental acoustic loads during launching of rockets and satellite systems, ensuring the safety of structural elements,
  • To contribute to weight reduction studies by creating distortion and residual stresses with simulation studies in welding and heat treatment applications,
  • Determination of the effects of heat treatment on the materials used in defence industry and integration of changes in mechanical properties into design and product development processes.
  • Opportunity to produce more projects and products in less time by decreasing the test works to be done in all components of defence industry
ONATUS is an engineering office that integrates high value added solutions in turn-key projects or software-hardware infrastructure.

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