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REM3D® simulates the exact injection cycle of thermoplastics or thermoset molding processes using the 3D finite element solution.

With REM3D® you can verify and optimize the best results accuracy and complex polymer injection processes on an unlimited number of materials.

Reduce cycle time

For example: Use REM3D® to determine the optimum ironing time for minimum warping.

Analyse your filling defects

For example: Use REM3D® to simulate a complex mold filling process in 3D with large thickness variations .

Reduce mold design time

For example: With REM3D®, determine the best position for gates, coolers and / or heating cartridges.

Optimize your injection process

For example: Decrease the compression force to determine the required follow-up pressure and consequently increase the number of gaps per sprue.

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+90 262 678 72 68

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