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ONATUS Vision Technologies develops turnkey solutions for academic research processes in cooperation with academic institutions and research centers in line with the expectations and needs of its customers.

For the materials science and engineering disciplines, CME (Computational Material Engineering), computational materials engineering, ONATUS serves as Turkey distributor of the world’s leading software solutions. By using software solution Thermo-Calc, which has the most comprehensive thermodynamic and thermokinetic material database pool in this field, over 1200 articles has been published in A class journals in 2018. METU, ITU, Boğaziçi, Cumhuriyet and Kocaeli University are institutions which have substantial experience and knowledge in the use of the Thermo-Calc in Turkey.
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Forge NxT ve Thercast NxT

Especially for machine and manufacturing based academic researches, under the title of Virtual Manufacturing, ONATUS by providing digital software models of basic processes such as forging, heat treatment, rolling, extrusion and welding, construct the necessary software infrastructure for the simulation processes before the related processes realized. Transvalor, our partner in this field, is an international software development company connected with Cemef Institute. With the software infrastructure we have provided, possible test and trial costs are reduced, and the speed and quality of academic studies are significantly increased.


On the basis of finite element analysis, ONATUS is strengthening academic studies with our VPS software solution. In this context, university members can perform many analyses including strength, dynamic, electromagnetic, acoustics, CFD with VPS software solution, and they can work in the research and development departments of the leading institutions of the academic world by taking the related important roles for undergraduate and graduate degrees. Regarding the studies of PhD and research centers; one can perform scientific studies that make a difference with unique modelling techniques.
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DigitalClone Modeling

For Additive Manufacturing-based academic research, Onatus offers the DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing high-tech engineering tool that models process-microstructure and fatigue. It predicts residual stresses, microstructure grain structure, fatigue performance resulting from the process, minimizes the number of tests, and allows modeling of various production scenarios beyond physical limits.

In multi-body systems, DigitalClone for Engineering, which provides the opportunity to model by establishing a relationship between the system and its components, provides grain morphology and size, microhardness profile, fracture toughness and many other mechanical properties.

Our partner in DigitalClone Modeling-based solutions, Sentient Science’s academic partners include Purdue University, The University at Buffalo, Tennessee Tech University, The University of Nevada, Reno.
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ONATUS Foresight Technologies, the added value we create for academic and scientific studies can be summarized as follows:
  • Flexibility and convenience for research activities with digital software laboratories
  • Strengthening Industry 4.0 & University interaction
  • Great advantages in accreditation processes such as ABET & MÜDEK
  • Opportunities for graduates to find jobs in companies where software solutions are used
  • Significant increase of academic publications in the university through digital laboratories
  • Development of university-industry cooperation with the contribution of the university to industrial problems
  • Increased university contribution to R & D projects
  • Opportunities to take part in international academic projects
  • Organizing special events organized by ONATUS at your university
  • Digital transformation and software competencies make it possible for candidates to choose your university.
  • Opportunity to produce more projects and publications in less time by decreasing the test studies to be done in the university

ONATUS is a 100% local organization that is capable of developing comprehensive solutions and expert in the field of engineering project exports directly to continental Europe and the United States. ONATUS, which has two successfully completed Tübitak projects, also establishes collaborations with different universities within the framework of academic consultancy in the project studies for industrial applications.

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