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Sigma-Static Air Resistance Measurement Systems

SIGMA is used to measure the airflow resistivity and permeability of permeable materials. It is distributed with the SIGMA-X software that fully controls the measurements. It automatically detects the appropriate range of airflow speeds and measures pressure drops in function of airflow speed to accurately compute the static airflow resistance, the static airflow resistivity, and the permeability. The system is based on direct method described in ASTM C522-03 and ISO 9053-91 standards.

Material Properties

► Static Airflow Resistivity (Pa.s / m² veya rayls / m)

► Static Airflow Resistance (Pa.s/m or rayls)

► Static Viscosity Permeability (m² veya Darcy)

Scope of application

Mecanum’s static airflow resistance meter is used by the world’s leading material suppliers for both automotive and aircraft industry for quality control in the manufacturing process of materials; research, development, and innovation, and for feeding acoustical prediction software dealing with sound absorbing materials

The main applications of static air flow resistance measurement systems are:
► Quality control studies in materials manufacturing processes

► Research, development and innovation

► Adding material sound absorption properties to acoustic simulation software

Key Features

Mecanum static air flow resistance measurement systems; It comes with a test specimen insertion section, thin film section, stainless steel material, calibration material and calibration control card and Sigma-X ™ software that can be configured in different sizes. Sigma-X ™ software is used to obtain data from the tester and to process the resulting static air flow resistance data. The static air flow resistance measurement system works with disc-shaped calibration materials which can also be used in B&K and Mecanum, impedance tubes, porosity measurement systems and semi-static mechanical analyzer systems. Optional calibration samples and material placement sections are also available.

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