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ONATUS is an engineering office of which origins are based on the automotive industry and developing solutions for mainly defense and material manufacturers in parallel with the needs of industry. With increasing competitive pressure in the automotive sector and the ever-decreasing tolerances and renewed regulations, the experimental and test studies in the field are replaced by a methodology based on the digitalization of products and processes in the direction of zero error principle and the prediction of possible errors before the related processes realized. In this context, ONATUS carries out digital test & simulation based software integration and project based engineering studies directly to vehicle systems manufacturers in Turkish automotive sector and in continental Europe and USA.
Sheet Metal Forming Engineering

• ONATUS is a Turkey’s leading engineering office in metal forming simulation technology. Having successfully completed numerous projects for the automotive sector. • 100 + Projects till now: Ford, Fiat, Magna, Çoşkunöz, TOGG • Experienced user of AutoForm, Pam-Stamp, Catia and IcemSurf software packages efficiently • Expertise in sheet metal process design, simulation, Class A surface modelling, springback calculation and compensation.
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Forge NxT

Today, competition is not experienced in the final product, but in the design and development processes leading to the final product. In this context, it is inevitable that the automotive industry should continuously innovate and realize projects in order to reduce product weight, fuel consumption and improve product performance. In hot and cold forming processes, Forge NxT software simulates 32 different manufacturing processes under one roof, such as forging, extrusion, ring rolling, heat treatment, super plastic forming, machining. Thus, it provides effective features for R&D and PD engineers working in the automotive industry development projects. Forge NxT has been integrated into the R & D activities of many major industrial companies with its 30-year background. Production simulations of connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts, drive shafts, steering arms, suspension arms and dozens of different vehicle components can be simulated with Forge NxT.
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Welding assembly is used as the main production method in automotive applications. In this context, Sysweld simulates possible welding distortion in the computer environment and makes the following improvements:
  • Reduction of labor costs,
  • Creating the necessary welding plans for robot planning in the transition from manual welding to robotic lines,
  • Determination of the mechanical properties of the related parts after heat treatment simulations by pre-heating or direct heat treatment,
  • Determination of residual stresses in welding-based processes and prediction of parts out of service due to fatigue and residual stress

With Sysweld digital modeling software, Onatus establishes software infrastructure for the Turkish automotive industry, provides project-based engineering services and organizes consultancy activities.
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Thermo-Calc is the most widely used computational material engineering solution for automotive industry projects, especially in process-based material development applications, to form phase diagrams, to increase the corrosion resistance of parts and materials, to analyse coating-based problems using numerical models.
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VA One

VA One is the most comprehensive digital modelling software for the development of vehicle acoustic performance by using different modelling techniques such as FEA; SEA, BEM; FMM… in the automotive sector with in the 0-40,000 Hz range. Dozens of vehicle systems manufacturers such as Tofaş-Fiat, Anadolu Isuzu, Ford Otosan, Renault,… which are known in our country use VA One software to solve their acoustic based problems. Onatus makes significant contributions to the automotive industry by integrating the acoustic properties of the porous materials to digital modelling software which can be obtained in the acoustic modelling laboratory in GOSB Technopark. Today, acoustics are not only used in terms of performance but also as a sales and marketing tool. Therefore, the importance of acoustic projects in the automotive industry is increasing.
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With digital performance test software , VPS, you can perform integrated finite element based simulations in dozens of different fields from crash analysis to, acoustic, deformation and strength analysis in multiple physics environments. Virtual Performance Solution originated from the first ever crash simulation software, PAM-CRASH, and was developed thanks to close collaboration between ESI and leading automotive OEMs. Also in Occupant Safety topic, one can optimize safety standards, from airbag folding and deployment, to seatbelt modelling, and dummy impact. All components can be combined to design your ideal safety scenario.
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ESI Virtual Seat Solution (VSS) seat design software is dedicated to the virtual prototyping topic of seats. With VSS, OEMs and seat suppliers can design, produce, test, develop, and approve virtually all design processes, seat prototypes, without the need for costly physical prototypes. In a standardized design process, real prototypes are prepared, tested, developed and retested. This time period is usually the step in which problems and areas to focus on are explored, but this happens at the end of the development cycle. At this point, it may be too late or too expensive to change your seat design.

However, with Virtual Seat Solution seat manufacturing simulation, you can test the performance of your seat at the design stage and predict any manufacturing problems. This enables further innovation and correction at the beginning of the development cycle. You can evaluate all performance domains (security, H-Point prediction, static and dynamic comfort, thermal comfort, etc.) using a single core model. This enables simultaneous and efficient operation of seat designers, seat engineers and seat specialists. Using a single model, you can quickly evaluate changes between different design options to enhance your virtual prototype.

In addition, Virtual Seat Solution provides a highly accurate estimate of seat performance as it takes into account the effects of production. With special applications and human models, users can evaluate performance by accurately reflecting the interaction between seats and passengers.
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A Class Surface Modelling

“A Class surface modelling” is among the engineering fields where ONATUS makes a difference. ONATUS provides project and training services to major industrial corporations such as Tofaş-Fiat, Ford Otosan, Temsa-Global and Hexagon-Studio on A Class surface modelling technique. Also, Onatus is incorporates Turkey’s most competent and experienced personnel in this area.

With our CAD Surface Modelling capabilities, it is possible to create Class A quality model from any kind of Cad data information. It is also possible to make global surface morphing iterations on A Class surface topology.
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DigitalClone Modeling

In order to find the most suitable material and process parameters in both additive manufacturing parts and multi-body automotive systems, which are increasingly used in the sector, a lot of trial and error studies must be carried out. However, it is expensive or in many cases impossible to predict where the part will be damaged in its lifetime. To overcome all this, DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing and DigitalClone for Engineering solution provide reliable modeling experience.
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